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We NOW Accept Properties Over $350k

  • Imagine how you will feel knowing you're getting top price for your property while others struggle to even get a single offer on theirs.
  • Over the years, through our Unique Programs, we’ve been helping frustrated sellers get TOP DOLLAR for their property!!! We can help you too! Our Service is FREE for You as the Seller! We make our profit from our buyer!

Our Service is FREE for You as the Home Seller!

This is the feeling our clients get to experience when working with our trained professionals! Enter your name and email to the right and we will reveal the secrets to…

  • Top Dollar Offers
  • No Commissions to Seller
  • Fast Service
  • Satisfied Customers
  • ALL Close with state licensed real estate law firm
  • No Hassles
  • We have negotiated a discount for our clients as a title search will need to be provided by seller to ensure marketable title. Sellers can order from their attorney and the typical cost is around $350 on average, unless you have a good relationship and they may provide for free, where our clients' cost is discounted to $287 from the real estate law firm we use!!!
  • We have also negotiated special pricing with our recommended law firm if you need access to the documents package. The law firm charges a fee of $500 for this package. $250 will be refunded upon approved signing of both parties within 48 hours of receipt of documents. $250 balance will be refunded upon closing with end buyer.

We have just 4 simple steps:

1. Enter your Name & E-mail below to receive your Free Seller Guide on How to Sell Your Property for Top Dollar. This is our Turn Key Done for you Program. There is no fee for this program, for we receive our profit from the end buyer. For those wanting direction and to "Do It Themselves," but want some guidance, we do offer professional consulting. For Consulting Services and due to demand, we can only offer phone support to those who submit a completed application. If you have questions before we receive an application or would like professional consulting on how to handle the transaction yourself, we offer Professional Expert phone consultations at a cost of $75 per 15 minute increments.

2. We will review your application and see if your property qualifies. If yes,we will send out a letter of interest and our initial agreements outlining everything we discussed for you or your attorney’s review.

3.  Once you decide to move forward. We will perform due diligence our.

4.  Last, ALL i’s are dotted and t’s crossed and you are ready to go, we start our magic!

So the question that remains is,

Do you want to write another mortgage payment next month or

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Let's talk and we can show you how our satisfied customers got much more from the sale of their homes than they dreamed possible…we’ll do it for you too!